iOS 7 Update

Last night FX-602P Sim has been adapted for iOS 7 and is in Apple’s review process now. This update should be available in the app store very soon as version 2.0.3.
The graphical elements of the calculator haven’t been changed. And the app continues to work on older iOS-versions, which are not older than 4.3.

Addendum (September, 19th)
The version 2.0.3 has been released in the App Store surprisingly quick. That’s the good thing. The less good thing is: I realized that the switches inside the calculator’s settings are not working properly. The reason for it is a programming defect, which causes a misalignment. That means the setting for the second switch affects the meaning of the first, the third for the second and so forth.

As a workaround for the meantime I recommend not to use the calculator’s settings. Use instead the settings-app from Apple and select FX-602P Sim to set the switches as desired. That works.

I apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. A bugfix will be released as soon as possible.

September, 24th
Version 2.0.4 was released in the App Store and fixes this defect.

The beginning

There are tons of calculator apps in the App Store now. So why to add another one to it? Well, many of them look nice and fancy, include a great variety of functions and are gorgeous apps. But very few of them are programmable, using¬† RPN, which is not everyone’s taste.

As an owner of a programmable calculator, which I bought 30 years ago for a lot of money and which I occasionally like to use, I was looking for such an app for the iPhone, which simulates this calculator. This calculator is extremely easy to program. You don’t have to learn a new language. The commands are short and memory efficient. With some practice you can program little tasks very quick without much efforts.

Searching the internet I found a Java-version for diverse platforms, which simulates the desired calculator. But unfortunately it was not available for iOS-devices.

In September 2011 I began to program a version for the iPhone and iPod touch myself. The calculator was developed at home during the time after daily work and on weekends and should have been finished by the end of December 2011. Finally in March 2012 after many tests the calculator was in a state, where I couldn’t find any severe defects any more. It was ready to be placed into the App Store. The calculator now was fully working.

But with the release in the App Store the project was not finished. Some customers had some feature requests or wishes already. For the iPad there wasn’t a tailored solution yet at the time. The app ran on it in the iPhone-simluation-mode only.

In the meantime a universal-app is now also available for download in the App Store. On the iPad a simulated printer has been added to the app. That needs to be done for iPhone and iPod touch as well. But that will follow after migrating the app for iOS 7.