A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all of you. For the past year I want to say thank you to all of you, who gave me precious feedback by e-mail where I found praise and constructive criticism. You expressed wishes what to do better or what kind of functionality you miss. Most of it has been done or I put it on my list. There are only a few proposals which I cannot realize. And those are by now only very few. In such case a proposal exceeds the idea of the app by far or I couldn’t quite yet get used to the idea. Then there are still proposals, which I put to the end of the list, since they are extravagant in planning and programming or because I’m still undecided to include them into the app.
But anyway I’m very happy about a good e-mail contact to you, which motivates me and shows me, how much you are interested in my app. So, please keep going!

There is a difficult situation for me, when customers buy my app but do not contact me when they encounter a problem. Then they give a less good rating in the app store. That does not help the customer and me either. It is impossible for me to reply helpfully to the customer’s complaint directly.
Currently I’m trying to do it that way, that I repeat the customer reviews from the various app stores here and add helping comments if applicable.

The last update is now some time back already. But it is going on, and new updates are already in work. So, be patient and stay tuned!