Version 2.1.1

This update fixes some small defects, which might occur due to internal roundings.

123456789 / 100 = FRAC
Result before: 0.889999999
Result now: 0.89

1 +/- FRAC
Result before: 9.992007222e-14
Result now: 0

-0.5 FRAC + 0.5
Result before: 9.992007222e-14
Result now: 0

A tiny visual change has been done for the iPad with Retina-display: The 7-segment-digits for the exponential display were not visible at all when not used. Now you can see them as transparent segments.

Thank you to those users, who found these defects and reported them.

Addendum (April, 5th)
A customer sent me a message that this version has a serious defect, which affects the iPhone 5 series only and the iPod touch with the same display: The first two rows of the keyboard are not usable.

A bugfix release of version 2.1.2 has been created and sent to Apple for review for the App Store.

I apologize for this problem and hope that you still will like this app.

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  1. Se ha actualizado a la version 2.1.1 y todo el bloque de las teclas de programacion han quedado inoperativas. Por mas q pulso en cualquiera de sus 12 teclas es como si no pulsara, no se ejecuta nada. Me esta causando un grave perjuicio. Por favor… Pido un arreglo muy urgentemente a este tremendo problema.

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